How do I adjust my sprinklers or controller?

Check out our Products page and click INSTRUCTIONS below each picture to link the manufacture’s manuals or videos.

Can I blow out or winterize my sprinkler system on my own?

We don’t recommend it.  It takes a very large air compressor with a large volume of air to fill up what is sometimes hundreds of feet of sprinkler pipe and keep it filled until the last bits of water are out.  Having Schwegel’s winterize your system in the fall insures it will be done correctly, on time and at a fair price – it may even be free with a qualified referral earlier that summer!  Plus it will keep your warranty valid for the full term.  Click here for information on winterization or contact us to schedule winterization service now.

Can I start up my sprinklers in the spring on my own?

Yes, this is a great way to save money and become familiar again with your sprinkler system.  The more you know about your house and the systems in it, the more comfortable you are.  Most every homeowner is capable of starting their system, if you can turn on a facet, you can start up your sprinklers!  For a detailed explanation Click here for an instructional pdf.

How long will sprinkler installation take?  Do I need to be there?

Typically one day.  Usually we schedule the inside plumbing several days ahead of our arrival.  As the homeowner you do not need to be home when installation takes place, although you are welcome to visit with us while we do the installation. We hope that the more questions you ask about the whole process, the more comfortable you’ll be with your system and its future operation.

What about the utilities already buried in my yard?

We will contact Gopher State One Call which is a free locating service that marks all the buried utilities in your yard. They are required to have this done within two business days from the time we contact them.  As far as any private utilities buried in your yard, be sure to let us know about them and we will locate them ahead of time with our underground locating service.  

Why is there such a difference in price between sprinkler installation companies?

Every company has the same parts and pieces to chose from, some good and some not so. Some high priced systems you may be getting quality product, but are also paying for the overhead of the “Large Company” name.  Low priced sprinkler companies are cutting corners on installation, may not be properly licensed or insured, and may give you inferior products.  Be careful when what you’re buying is being buried in the ground, it is very difficult for you to assess the quality of installation and materials; and can be very expensive to fix down the road.   Schwegel’s gives you the perfect balance between quality product, efficient and careful installation, and a low overhead owner-operated business with the ability to stand behind its product for five years.  You cannot buy better overall quality for less than with Schwegel’s.

How can Schwegel’s offer a complete five-year warranty?

Carefully selected quality products and meticulous installation give you a system that will not fail. We are so confident in our products and workmanship that we’ll stand behind it for five years.

Do you carry the proper licensing or insurance?

Of course!  We are a registered corporation fully insured for working at your house. We employ or refer only licensed plumbers and carry a Minnesota Power Limited Technician’s license which is required by state law for sprinkler installation.  We are more than willing to provide documentation of this upon your request.  These are important things that you should ask of anyone who may perform work at your home.