Sprinkler System Warranty

Industry’s Best Warranty – 5 Full Years Parts and Labor!

We are proud to offer the Industries Best Warranty – Five Full Years!  Shop and compare, no one stands behind their product like we do!  You are making an investment in your most valuable asset, your home, and you want to be sure you are getting a quality product.  Schwegel’s installs quality that we back with the confidence of five full years of worry free service -You cannot buy a better sprinkler system, Guaranteed!

Sprinkler Warranty

Schwegel’s Sprinkler Inc. offers a full five-year warranty on – but not limited to – valves, heads and controllers against defects in materials and workmanship. Pump system warranties are limited to their manufacturers. The installed system is guaranteed to give uniform distribution and even coverage of moisture for one year from date of completion. Schwegel’s must perform winterization for warranties to be valid. All warranties are fully transferable to subsequent owners. Adjustments beyond the initial setup to the heads, controller or other settings are not covered by this warranty.


The custom designed sprinkler system installed by Schwegel’s Sprinkler, Inc. will perform correctly, free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and care for a period of five years from date of installation.

In the event that a defect in workmanship, parts or materials is reported to Schwegel’s by the owner within the applicable period, Schwegel’s will correct the defect in workmanship, or will repair or replace the defective part(s) at no cost to the owner. All defective parts, upon replacement, become property of Schwegel’s.

This warranty covers all irrigation system parts from the point of water connection, to all moving and non-moving parts, all related electrical wiring, labor from, and defects in materials or workmanship. All warranties apply provided Schwegel’s maintains the system exclusively. Should any other contractor, company, or person(s) tamper with or attempt to service the system in any way this is cause for termination of warranty.  (We must strictly enforce this due to the vast majority of so-called landscaping and irrigation companies in this area who are not qualified, liscensed or insured to install or service irrigation systems.)

Schwegel’s extends to the owner all of the warranties and guarantees provided by the manufacturer on all equipment used. Relevant copies of such warranties will be provided to the owner upon written request.

This warranty does not cover defects or failure of the hardware associated with the custom designed sprinkler system resulting from accidents, abuse, misapplication, freeze, acts of God, damage caused by service to the sprinkler system by anyone other than a Schwegel’s representative or damage caused by skid steer loaders (bobcats), tree spaders, sod cutters, ditch witches, utility companies and any other traffic not considered normal for the day to day enjoyment and maintenance of the property.

Maintenance and guarantee as stated above does not include alterations necessitated by re-landscaping, addition of trees, re-grading, or the addition and changes in walks, walls, driveways, or the like. Further, maintenance does not include trimming grass around heads or any service required due to lack of the Owner’s maintenance of lawns and plants. It is also expressly understood that the guarantee and maintenance, after final acceptance, does not cover any mechanical damage [breakage] or any repairs or service needed for causes beyond the control of Schwegel’s Sprinkler, Inc.

Raising and lowering of heads to proper height, adjusting arc and radius, filling trenches that have settled, packing the earth firmly around the heads and couplers will be completed at the time of installation and any adjustments thereafter is not considered part of warranty work.

Schwegel’s is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, i.e., excessive water pressure, water hammer, tree roots, rock ledge/boulders in the ground, builders fill and/or debris buried on site.

Payment of balance is due in full upon completion of system installation. All system materials and related installed equipment remain sole property of Schwegel’s until payment in full is received.