Schwegel's Sprinklers | Sartell MN

Trenchless Wire & Pipe Istallation  –  Including Boring

Our method for installing sprinkler pipe also works for a variety of other material you may want buried underground. Any wire or pipe less than 3″ in diameter can be installed 12 to 18 inches underground using our trenchless “vibratory plow” method.  We can also bore directly under short distances of sidewalk and driveway.  Call us today to see if this service can be useful to you.

We can install…

Wires to :

  • garden shed
  • light pole
  • backyard garage
  • boat dock
  • christmas lighting
  • many others!

Pipes to:

  • vegetable and flower gardens
  • backyard sheds
  • lake pumps
  • conduit for future wiring
  • many others!